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Here’s today’s NaPoWriMo prompt:

Today I challenge you to write a poem in the voice of minor character from a fairy tale or myth. Instead of writing from the point of view of Cinderella, write from the point of view of the mouse who got turned into a coachman. Instead of writing from the point of view of Orpheus or Eurydice, write from the point of view of one of the shades in Hades who watched Eurydice leave and then come back.

I decided to use an object rather than a character – as my object speaks, it’s really a character anyway.¬† I did some research on Snow White and based my poem on a reflective moment by the Talking Mirror (der sprechende Spiegel) at the Lohr Castle Museum in Germany http://thefairytaletraveler.com/2014/07/31/explore-real-snow-white-destinations-germany/the-talking-mirror/

The Talking Mirror

The Queen’s Mirror

I am your mirror on the wall:
I’m smooth and cool with that –
you are the Queen after all,
the fairest in the land.
I reflect on things,
answer appropriately,
show what you want to see,
say what you want to hear,
don’t crack under pressure.

And then one day I saw that
Snow White was more beautiful than you.
I spoke the truth
and you cracked.