So, here’s today’s prompt from http://www.napowrimo.net/

Love poems are a staple of the poetry scene. It’s pretty hard to be a poet and not write a few – or a dozen – or maybe six books’ worth. But because so many love poems have been written, there are lots of clichés. Fill your poems with robins and hearts and flowers, and you’ll sound more like a greeting card than a bard. So today, I challenge you to write a “loveless” love poem. Don’t use the word love! And avoid the flowers and rainbows. And if you’re not in the mood for love? Well, the flip-side of the love poem – the break-up poem – is another staple of the poet’s repertoire. If that’s more your speed at present, try writing one of those, but again, avoid thunder, rain, and lines beginning with a plaintive “why”? Try to write a poem that expresses the feeling of love or lovelorn-ness without the traditional trappings you associate with the subject matter.

Here’s a quick poem of the day. I’ve used the word ‘love’, but not in the romantic sense, so I guess that’s all right …


you made the first move
fifteen love
I made it fifteen all

one more step each:
we stand together
at thirty all

then locked at deuce
we wait for the advantage
and the game